Why stage your home?

Let's face it, when it comes to preparing a home for listing, not all of your clients see the benefit of staging. While some are eager and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure they receive top dollar for their home, others can be much more reluctant, focusing more on the initial cost and labour than the outcome.

This can present a serious challenge, and if not overcome, can leave you showcasing a listing that does not reflect your standard and or worse, force you to leave money on the table.

So to help you overcome some objections that will inevitably come your way in 2020, here are 5 helpful points to keep in mind.

  • Staging is not a cost it’s an investment. Staged homes sell up to 25% more than unstaged homes.
  • The cost to stage your property is less than the first price reduction on your property.
  • 81% of future home buyers find it easier to visualize a staged home as their next home.
  • 86% of staged homes spend less time on the market than unstaged homes.


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