There is beauty in those curbs...

With spring in the air, a common question we get  is when is it time to start prepping those curbs? And the simple answer  is never. Upgrading your curb appeal is critical in providing a good first impression. Your curb can either have future buyers feeling like it is love at first sight, or feeling like they want to take flight.

Now, while we may not be ready to start cutting our grasses or trimming the shrubs, there still lots of things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your listing. So team imajen has compiled a list of things you and your clients can do to accentuate those curbs.

  1. Remove all the dead leaves and garbage that may have gotten caught underneath the snow. 
  2. Pressure wash your driveways, walkways, patios and deck 
  3. Add color to your front door  
  4. Upgrade your front porch light  
  5. Give your mailbox some attention 
  6. Clean your gutters 
  7. Upgrade garage doors- paint or replace it
  8. Add new mulchGet new doormat